Meet your Paradise Ranch family…


Zana and mitch crawford

Zana and Mitch are the owners and hands-on operators of Paradise Ranch. We guide you every step of the way up until your incredible wedding day. Zana personally meets with each couple getting to know each other while showing you around the Ranch. You will get to see the pavilion, ranch house and bunkhouse. We find out what you envision your day to be and will even suggest special things that you may not have even thought of. Our goal is to do the work behind the scenes so you don’t have to. We love that each couple can customize their weddings, keeping what we do exciting and fresh. No two couples are the same so why should your weddings be the same. Our hearts swell with pride when we have been able to share the Ranch with couples who ultimately love the Ranch as much as we do. Believe me when we say I will be excited!


Chelsea crawford

Chelsea is an awesome member of the Paradise Ranch team. She will help you on your wedding day by setting up the ceremony and reception sites and wedding day decor. She assists the bride and the mother of the bride on wedding days. Chelsea is an absolute joy to work with and will do everything she can to take care of you and the wedding party. Chelsea is also our Social Media Manager.


morgan crawford

Morgan is an amazing member of the Paradise Ranch team. She also sets up the ceremony and reception sites and wedding day decor according to your plan. Morgan is our Catering and Vendor Coordinator, greeting them on arrival, directing them at setup, keeping your day stress and worry-free. In addition to being very organized and knowledgeable in the operations of the day she is fun and easy going. With our Paradise Ranch online wedding planner we are all on the same page at all times ensuring a day that everyone will enjoy.

We are so excited to visit with you!

Your tour request just came through to our inbox at Paradise Ranch. Zana will be getting in touch with you within a day or so to schedule a time for you to come out and see the Ranch and all its splendor.

Just a few reminders:

  • We have found out that it’s best for couples to have a pretty good idea of the number of guests you want to share your day with as well as how much your total budget is before you come for a personal tour. If you listed your budget as unknown, Zana will be contacting you to help guide you to this important starting point in your planning. We also want to share that it’s not realistic to host a Saturday wedding for 150 guests for under $10k. Its not impossible, but it would definitely be a challenge. Budget discussions are uncomfortable. You just got engaged or you have been putting the big day off because you don’t know where to start. We also know that it’s no fun for both of us if you fall head over heels for the Ranch on a tour and then find out the numbers just won’t work. We would rather visit about that before you invest the emotion and time to come out.

  • Please invite anyone to the tour who needs to see the Ranch in person before you feel you can sign a contract. Instead of private second tours, we ask that couples and their families attend one of our monthly open houses. It is wonderful to get their input and have the chance to ask any questions that you may not have thought about while you have our undivided attention during your personal tour.

  • Almost everything we discuss at our tour is actually on our website! We have found that couples are less worried about the details after reading the information on the website and can concentrate on picturing themselves at the Ranch for their big day. You can get an idea of your ceremony site choice or whether you would like a reception under the stars or in the pavilion for example.

  • Put our address into your GPS before you leave cell service. We have a white sign at the road with our Paradise Ranch logo so you don't pass on by.

  • If you need to cancel or reschedule, please give us at least 24 hours notice. We have a waiting list for tours and would like to invite the next couple in line.

  • We cannot hold dates without a contract. With that being said, your preferred date may be booked prior to our tour date. We do our best to keep the website updated with available dates. Please check the website prior to your tour to make sure we have your date open before your tour. We may also have other mid week or non prime Saturdays available. Just ask.

  • We pride ourselves in joining with couples that are certain that we are the right fit for their wedding venue choice. So we want you to take in all that you have seen and heard then contact us by email. From there we will finalize the contract and take the deposit to book your date after your personal tour. If you have any questions about our contract rules, deposits or payment terms please check out our FAQ page.

See you soon!